Liaison VTT Grande Traversée de Vaucluse - Grande Traversée Alpes-Provence

Distance : 
16 km
Difference in altitude : 
520 m ( - : 290 m ; + : 230m)
Level : 

By a succession of tracks which snake along the rounded ridge and wooded crest of the eastern Luberon, with beautiful views to the north and the south, this link can be taken in both directions: On leaving “La Grande Traversée de Vaucluse” via the Luberon at Manosque or on extending the “La Grande Traversée Alpes-Provence” and “LaTransverdon” across the Luberon.

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Good to know : 

Some advice...

Stay safe !
• Wear a helmet
• Take a look at weather forecasts before leaving on a trip
• In the summer, get some information about conditions and reglementation on access to forests : info Alpes de Haute-Provence : +33 (0) 8 92 68 02 04
• Do not overestimate your capacities, adapt your speed and trajectory. In case of accident, please contact 112.
• Avoid leaving alone and inform someone of the path you will be cycling on.
• Do not forget to take water, food, a map, an emergency kit and a mobile phone...
• During hunting period, wear colorful clothes.

Respect the environment:
• Do not litter in the nature, take back your trash with you
• Do not go away from marked paths in order to respect natural spaces.
• Do not disturb fauna and do not cycle on wild flora.

Respect of the other road users:
• Behave with walkers and horses, they always primed over cyclotourists. Cycle with precaution when you meet them.
• Do not enter private properties.

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