Parcours n°12 - Céreste

Distance : 
27 km / 17 miles
Difference in altitude : 
total : 1700 m ( - : 850 m, + : 850 m)
Level : 

A ride through Caseneuve plateau !

You will cycle among green and white oak forests and pass by lavenders and cereals fields red-tinted by poppies in spring.

Direction of the itinerary :

Céreste => Oppédette => Sainte-Croix-à-Lauze => Céreste

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Good to know : 

Sightseeing throughout this itinerary

Céreste : Tourist Information Center
«Saint Michel» church (XVIIIth c.), the site of Carluc priory, carolingian necropolis the «Nid d’amour» small valley, Romanesque bridge.

Sainte-Croix-à-Lauze :
An eleventh century village, with a seventeenth century château whose ornate gate carries a coat of arms from the eighteenth century ; the church of St Croix with roman remains ; the oratory of  notre Dame de la Salette, where fossiles can be seen in the cut stone floor ; the ruins of the chapel of St-Didier.

Oppédette :
The village, the gorges of the Calavon, the canyon of Oppedette.

Le Calavon
From the base of the Montagne de Lure to the Durance, the Calavon crosses many rocky sites, yet these sites are all shoneout by the Oppedette goges whose rocks are giddy.

Shops and services on the way



Ste Croix à Lauze










Café / Pub






But also find Taxis and Guides.

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