About us

“Vélo Loisir Provence” : an association offering services
for cycle trekking in the Luberon and the Verdon.

Bringing together :

  • “Le Luberon à vélo” (The Luberon by bike) and “Le Verdon à vélo” (The Verdon by bike) :
Logo "Le Luberon à Vélo" Logo "Le Verdon à Vélo"
  • A network of qualified professionals “Accueil Vélo” to take care of you :
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With more than a hundred qualified service provider members, “Accueil Vélo” corresponds to your desires and needs in terms of logistics, accommodation, explorative outings, discovery escapades, gastronomic requirements and wine tasting. Its members are linked to a technical charter (Label Accueil Vélo) governing all the communal services: picnics, assistance conditions, price studies, bike, luggage and personal transportation.

Here you can find the criteria ensured by those who cater for you

  • A team of employed service workers on hand for cycling outings in the Luberon and the Verdon region :

Ask us :

  • For information on the itinerary cycling routes and the members of “Accueil Vélo”.
  • About technical guides and about the territory.
  • For advice in formulating your trip, for the tools available and the contacts to make it possible.
Equipe salariale de Vélo Loisir Provence

A Profile on the Association

The History of the Association :

The association has developed the construction of and the services to cater for cyclo-tourism over a period of more than 20 years, thanks to a partnership with the Luberon Regional Natural park, the “Communauté de Communes du Pays de Forcalquier-Montagne de Lure and since 2013, with the Verdon Regional Natural park.

The history of the association

The offers and services proposed :

duos de vélos à Maubec

In the Luberon Natural Regional Park, there are more than 400 km - 250 miles of sign-posted circuits :

  • 3 cyclo-circuits of 15 km to 236 km - 9 miles to 147 ½ miles
  • 1 véloroute-voie verte, a greenway cycle path (EuroVelo 8) of 33 km - 20 ½ miles.
  • 27 unmarked cyclo-circuits of 20 km to 90km - 12 ½ miles to 56 miles
  • The Great Vaucluse Crossing on VTT (mountain bike)
  • Numerous VTT (mountain bike) paths


duo de vélos dans les gorges du Verdon


In the Verdon Natural Regional Parc :

  • 11 sign-posted cyclo-circuit from 44 km to 98 km - 27 ½ miles to 61 miles
  • 3 cyclo-circuits currently being marked out from 35 km  to 38 km - 22 miles to 24 miles
  • 3 VVT (mountain bike) zones recognised by FFC (Fédération de France Cyclistique) : more than 40 variants.


Handicap and bike, the two things go together

The association has strong principles with regards to cycling being an activity for everyone. For this reason and to permit handicapped people, the blind and partially sighted, to participate and take advantage of our proposals, we have put special equipment at their disposal.

The association has acquired 9 tandems, of which one is electrically assisted with rear rider steering, 3 electrically assisted bikes, and a “stricker”, a trailer attachment devise, adapted to wheelchairs allowing them to be connected to a hand bike. This equipment is destined for the use of the blind and partially sighted along with people suffering from balance disorders.

Sponsors and our network of bike rentals, along with care associations for handicapped people in the Vaucluse, the Alpes de Haute Provence and the Var, are in the process of producing numerous adapted outings. Already the association Valentin Haüy (Apt/Cavaillon) has made it possible, through such outings, for handicapped people to explore and discover the region.

Bike rentals
Accommodation which doesn’t provide bike rental will undertake to procure a bike for the next day or indicate the nearest bike rental service.

The bike rental services propose various styles of bikes: VTC (vélo tout chemin) i.e. All roads bike; VTT (vélo tout terrain) i.e. Mountain bike; vélo de course i.e. Racing bike; Tandem and VAE (vélo à assistance électrique) i.e. electrically assisted bike. Chidren’s bikes along with a range of accessories such as trailers, trailer bikes, baby seats, saddle bags…

Rent here and leave elsewhere: There is the possibility of renting a bike in one place and leaving it in another. This service must first be organized in advance with the rental service.

Rental prices

Prices from

location_des_velos_vtt tandem vae velo de course prix a partir de

VAE=Vélo à Assistance Electrique : Electrically Assisted Bike.
VTC=Vélo Tout Chemin: All Roads Bike.
VTT=Vélo Tout Terrain: Mountain Bike.
Remorque : Trailer.

Also available : trailer bikes, baby trailers and baby seats…

Breakdown assistance

In the case of a breakdown?

If you rent a bike from the network, the breakdown service comes into action in the case of a major mechanical problem which incontestably prevents one from continuing the cycling outing. This does not include flat tyres, and chain dislocation or other minor problems.

In this case: you must telephone the rental service which will do its utmost to either fix or repair the problem, or replace the bike or, if absolutely necessary, transport you back to your accommodation.

Luggage, bike and personal transportation

You wish to have your luggage transport from one accommodation to another?

Your luggage will be delivered by 17h at the latest.

The taxi services are also available to transfer people and bikes.

There are standard prices for all the taxi services with the network:

Taxi prices

Refreschments during the outing


The restaurants which are part of our network offer formulas for quick service meals at lunchtime.

With our network members, lunch is often available until 15h : this is very practical if you wish to finish your circuit or prolong your outing.


The itineraries are dotted with little villages where you will frequently find restaurants and grocers.

In any case the accommodation offers on request, a packed lunch/picnic service. These are generally comprised of : 2 sandwiches made up of local produce, fresh fruit, cake and a small bottle of water (maximum price 15 € per person)

Picnic orders should be place the previous evening enabling you to leave the next day with your picnic basket. Then it’s up to you chose the time and the place to stop, the view to be admired, the sunshine to be soaked up and the length of you undoubtedly well-deserved rest.

Professional guide service

State qualified cyclist guides offer their services on All roads bikes (VTC) and Mountain bikes (VTT).

Tarifs :

Tips ! Good advice

It’s always reassuring to discuss your planned trip.

All the accommodation and rental services put at your disposal tourist documentation advising on your next stopping point. Equally, you can also consult a wide range of itinerary broadsheets for unmarked circuitous routes which can be taken as a ½ day or full day outing.

Vehicle and bike security

What can you do with your car during the period of your biking trip ?

At night, where should one leave ones bike ?

Secure parking

All the accommodation has secure garage facilities for bikes.

Secure car parking

If you wish to park up your car for a period of several days you have the possibility of leaving it at the accommodation. Please note that depending on the geographic situation a charge may be made for this service.

Long live the bike !

For over a decade there have been a good few  kilometres of sign-posted cycling routes linking Cavaillon to Forcalquier and “Vélo Loisir Provence” (at the time known as “Vélo Loisir en Luberon”) has been actively working in this area…

Then there was the creation of the itinerary annexes such as the Ochre by bike and the “Pays de Forcalquier and the Montagne de Lure” by bike while the “Tour de Luberon” to Cavaillon via Manosque ran along the south side of the massif.

The increased frequentation and popularity of these cycling itineraries encouraged the region to develop other routes: “La Véloroute du Calavon”*: a greenway cycle path from Cavaillon to Apt and “Le Pays d’Aigue” by bike. This territory, the Luberon Natural Regional Park, which provides a natural link between two “departments”, the Vaucluse and the Alpes de Haute-Provence, is a confirmed biking region.

Some 450 km - 280 miles of sign-posted and safe cycle ways testify to the fact!

The “Vélo Loisir Provence” network is a genuine professional organization, a service on hand to complete your cycle trekking requirements. All that is left for you to do is to plan your trip using the interactive map or the lists of members in respect of the brands: “The Luberon by bike” (Le Luberon àvélo) and “The Verdon by bike”(Le Verdon à vélo).

*currently 37km / 23 miles between Robion and le Boisset.

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