How to become a member of “Accueil Vélo” ?

Business & Tourism Professionals : Become a member !

If you are:

  • A Restaurant, an Accommodation establishment or Bike Rental Service
  • A State Qualified Guide, a Travel Agent or Taxi Service
  • A Cultural Site or Leisure centre
  • A Wine Cellar or Winery
  • An Agricultural Shop
  • A Tourist Office
  • A User

and you want to become a member of the “Vélo Loisir Provence” association and join our network “Accueil Vélo” then below are a list of our services and the membership conditions.

The "Vélo Loisir Provence" association

About your network :

The network “Vélo Loisir Provence” (previously known as « Vélo Loisir en Luberon ») is a group of professionals. Established in 1996 the group comprises of accommodation, rentals, taxis, restaurants, cultural sites, wine cellars, guides and travel agencies which offer a complete range of services to aid and facilitate cycling holidays in Provence.

This organization aims at promoting and structuring the supply and demand for bicycles in the Luberon Natural Regional Park, in Le Pays de Forcalquier et Montagne de Lure and in the Verdon Natural Regional Park. The “Vélo Loisir” network has been able to develop a veritable tourist holiday destination, whilst respecting the environment. The improvements achieved by the Luberon Regional Natural Park and other inter-communal groups (more than 365km/228miles of sign-posted routes) are at the origin of the development of our network’s activities, which today include more than 130 members (more than 100 in the Luberon and around 25 in the Verdon). Services such as accommodation, bike rentals and repair services, taxis, guides, travel agents, restaurants, wine cellars and cultural sites are included in the structure.

To promote these services the association has put into place a team of advisors and a range of documentation (brochures and leaflets) available in the tourist offices throughout the Luberon Regional Natural Park. This material is accessible to our members and to the general public alike containing information about special periods such as exhibitins, fairs and festive events.

If, like us, you share in the conviction that the growth of cycling tourism can promote the development of tourism throughout the season and the off-season periods of the year, whilst integrating into the sustainable development programme of our territory, we would like to invite you to join our group.

Please note:

  • For the Luberon, membership takes place in the autumn for the following year ;
  • For the Verdon, membership takes place throughout the year. For more information please contact us.

In order to inform you of the type of touristic services we are looking for to join our network, the association has organized an open day presentation :

  • for business professionals based in the Luberon, the date is yet to be decided, please contact us.
  • for business professionals based in the Verdon, the date is yet to be decided, please contact us.
Membership conditions

Take part in the open day presentation :

Journée de présentation aux nouveaux adhérentsIn order to inform you of the type of touristic facilities we are looking for to join our network the association has organized an open day presentation :

  • for business professionals based in the Luberon, the date is yet to be decided, please contact us.
  • for business professionals based in the Verdon, the date is yet to be decided, please contact us.


It is an opportunity to find out about the objectives of “Vélo Loisir Provence” and how it operates. To understand better our cyclist clientele, to develop a welcome adapted to their requirements and to bring together all the services within the network.

This event will provide the moment to take note of all the relevant issues with a view to attracting more cycling clientele during the off-season period. If you wish to participate at this meeting or to find out more about the advantages, projects and the promotion of “Vélo Loisir Provence”, please send an email : the Luberon by bike ou the Verdon by bike.

Membership requirements :

To be eligible to become part of the network, a business professional must correspond with the following conditions :

  • Be situated with in 5km/3miles from one of the sign-posted cyclist routes or less than 30mins away in terms of a steep gradient.
  • For accommodation : Be ranked within the national norm relevant to each category. For those who do not possess a regulatory classification, a candidature can be made to “Acceuil Vélo” to be graded according to chartered quality references made by the organization’s evaluator for the territory.

Members Commitment :

In becoming a member of “Vélo Loisir” one undertakes to adhere to its philosophy and chose to develop its professional network. The members are engaged in respecting the criteria with reference to “Accueil Vélo” and in corresponding to its categories, established to offer a complete and relevant service to the cycling tourist. A member also accepts to :

  • Make a link between its internet site and that of “Vélo Loisir” (a reciprocal link). It gives priority to information offered to cyclists in its leaflets and on its web-site.
  • Offer services to journalists, tour operators and any other persons involved in the development of the network. The free services are defined in the association’s regulations “reglement interieur”.
  • Take part in at least one day a year of awareness and training-information: understanding the network “Touristes à vélo”, exchanging ideas on new projects, promotional tools …
  • Distribute the “Vélo Loisir Provence” documentation.
  • Know the professionally qualified members of “Accueil vélo”.
  • Be able to inform the tourists of the different services available to make their stay more comfortable and give information about the possible cycling activities and events being held during the period of their stay.
  • Use the promotional material proposed by the network wherever possible.
  • Respect the membership period of 3 years.
  • Sign a convention.
  • Make regular subscription payments.
  • Participate in the evaluation (an assessment of the client turnover).
  • Accept regular visits from members of the network (local partners, charter controls…).

Membership prices for business professionals :

For more information and advice on prices to become a member, please contact us and send details of your establishment or service.

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