Users’ Guide to the Vélo Loisir Road Book

The Vélo Loisir road book

The road book is a thumbnail collection of information accessible on our web site by clicking on “add to my road book”.

This document does not replace the travel guide from a travel agency as it is forbidden to make copies or reproductions of all commercial deals.

It recapitulates on the appointed tourist services of “Accueil Vélo” (Bike Welcome) network and the previously selected cycling itineraries on our web site:

For those concerned, here is the main listed information:


For the itineraries, here is an example of the transmitted elements:


You may also download and print your own personalized road book and use it to help in planning and booking your trip or organizing your cycling outings in one of our regions.

How to create your own personalized road book ?

On each of the pages presented under “Addresses” (nos bonnes adresses) or under “Itineraries (Vélo Loisir,[ VTT] Mountain bike)” click on the following tabs:

    By clicking on this tab you select desired the tourist service or itinerary to be kept in your road book.

    If you have made a mistake, you can withdraw your selection of the tourist service provider or the route by clicking on the button on the relevant pages :

    On all the web site pages in the right hand column, you will find the tab “See my road book” (Voir mon carnet de route). Click here to see the selection you have made and added to your road book.

    Once the selection has been made from the entire web site, click on “See my road book” (Voir mon carnet de route) to check your choice and “download the PDF” and also withdraw your selection of a provider or a route without turning on his page

    You have now created your own personalized road book.

     carnet de route

     Print your road book and use it to organize your cycling trip in the Luberon or the Verdon region.

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