Itineraries Vélo Loisir

These signposted or marked itineraries are generally short distances (<80km/50miles) and can be carry out over a few days.

They are not formulated as a sports course but more of a touristic route.

These itineraries go along secondary roads and both made and unmade lanes but not on undeveloped paths or across rough ground.

The types of bikes most often recommended for the circuits are All-roads bikes (VTC vélo tout chemins) or Electrically assisted bikes (VAE vélo à assistance électrique).

These itineraries often take lanes which are open to motorized vehicles.

You must respect the Highway Code and remain vigilant at all times.

Signposted cycling “Vélo Loisir” itineraries :


le verdon à vélo vélo sportif vélo loisir

Discover itineraries "Vélo Loisir" of Verdon :

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