Forcalquier - Lure à vélo

Distance : 
38 à 94 km / 23 ½ to 58 ½ miles
Difference in altitude : 
total : 2167 m (D+ : 1082 m, D- : 1085 m)
Level : 

"Forcalquier - Lure" by bike : an authentic itinerary full of contrast !

On the high Provençal plains you will discover the wide variety of their landscapes in infinite colours, perfumes and atmosphere… Man exploited, adapted cultivated the natural products of the region: lavender, olives, honey, truffles… Here it is not unusually to encounter a herd of sheep along the way. Here you will appreciate the authentic charm of the villages you pass through.

These itineraries take you into the wildest corner of the Luberon and to Saint-Michel-l'Observatoire reputed to have the purest skies in Europe.

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Good to know : 

There are numerous stopping points with picnic tables provided along the way, notably at Saint-Maime, Aubenas-les-Alpes, Saint-Michel-l’Observatoire and even Saint-Etienne-les-Orgues.

The circular tour to Lurs will allow you to lengthen the circuit a little. The connection to Aubenas-les-Alpes (D555) will allow you to join the itinerary "Autour du Luberon". In the opposite direction if you wish to reduce the circuit or take into your programme, two loops, you can make the unmarked link by following the D950 to Rocher d’Ongles to Forcalquier.

Mobile App "Challenge de Lure" (The Lure Challenge)

It’s a simply principle :

An ascent against the clock, animated by "La Montagne de Lure" the emblematic mountain of the Haute-Provence.

From Saint-Etienne-les-Orgues, this ascent of 18 km / 11 ¼ miles with an average gradient of 5,8 % cross a diversity of country side and offering some magnificent view points over the surrounding area of the "Pays de Forcalquier", the Durance valley and the Alpes. This challenge is open to large numbers.

Depending on the sportive level and the time taken for the ascent, you will come away with your gold, silver or bronze certificate of achievement. The circuit is adorned with messages of encouragement and tourist information. If you don't possess a compatible smartphone, you can hire one from the inter-communal tourist at Saint-Etienne-les-Orgues or simply to time yourself manually.

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