Le Pays d'Aigues à vélo

Distance : 
41 à 91 km / 25 ½ to 57 miles
Difference in altitude : 
total : 1712 m (+ : 856 m , - : 856 m)
Level : 

"Le Pays d’Aigues" by bike : A tour of the south Luberon, between the vineyards and the chateaux !

Whether you are engaged in the pursuit of the crystalline tones of spring mornings, the scent of the blossoming cherry or almond trees or the flamboyant colour and perfume of golden genet mingled with the aroma of honey. Whether you prefer the taste of summer, the cool shade of the plane trees and the warm sun setting amidst the greenery of vineyards. Or maybe you’d rather savour the first golden chill of early autumn, the purple panorama across hillsides tinged with silver in the early mist. Whatever your preference, each season holds the promise of a magnificent and breathtaking experience synonymous of this exceptional region.

The villages, snuggled up against the majestic Luberon or perched on high like beacons captivating our senses and compeling our eyes are to follow in full appreciation of their unforgettably beauty. They entice us into their restful, cool, shaded streets, welcoming us beside their refreshing fountains. Follow their course and be charmed by their picturesque serenity: It’s Pure Joy !

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Good to know : 

Rather than making a large tour, divide it into two !

  • The west tour : 56 km / 35 miles.
  • The east tour : 41 km / 25 ½ miles.

List of Pic nic areas  and practical advises

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