Mobile App : Geology and Ochre

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11 km à 27 km / 7 to 17 miles
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A Mobile App which take you to explore the ochre.

Fun and accessible to everyone, this mobile app takes you serenely along quiet little roads to encounter the riches of the land, the scenic countryside and the exceptional ochre sites of the Luberon.

These locations, merit the time for a pause, and are indicated along the route wherever you pass close by. They offer an opportunity to discover and find out more through a variety of media: videos, audios, texts, quizzes, games, augmented reality…

 4 cycling circuits are proposed (all-road bikes [VTC] recommended) and each circular tour takes in a different theme :

  • Roussillon tour : 14,9 km / 9 miles, 2 ½ hours. The Exploitation of the ochre, underground or open face quarries.
  • Apt tour : 25 km / 15 ½ miles, 3 ¾ hours. The history of the “Pays d’Apt” region from geological times to the present.
  • Rustrel tour which has a shorter variant : 19 km / 12 miles, 2 ¾ hours or 11 km / 7 miles, 2 hours. Inside the skin of a geologist, in search of Colorado This circular tour and in particular, the shorter version is particularly destined for families and children.
  • Caseneuve tour : 26,8 km / 17 miles, 3 ¾ hours. Rocks, fossils, country side and human influence.
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Flyer of Application "Les Ocres à vélos"

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