Le Pays de Forcalquier - Montagne de Lure en VTT

Distance : 
More than 200 km of trails
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What could be better than a mountain bike for exploring the territory?

Between southern Provence and the Alps, explore the region of "Pays de Forcalquier - Montagne de Lure" by means of the 12 mountain bike itineraries, one of which, the circuit "Enduro" is accessible to everyone through the site VTT-FFC Pays de Forcalquier – Montagne de Lure.
At the remarkable site of "Mourres" the slopes and crests of the Lure inspires the exploration of this widely varied countryside and its local rural heritage at the heart of this region of "Pays des senteurs et saveurs » (the land of scents and flavours) over an area of almost 20km/125 miles of mountain bike tracks.

For your mountain bike trips in the "Pays de Forcalquier - Montagne de Lure", also discover :

For more information, contact L'Office de Tourisme Intercommunal du Pays de Forcalquier - Montagne de Lure ou La FFCT de Villeneuve.

Good to know : 

Carte de randonnée VTT du Pays de Forcalquier Montagne de Lure


Get your topoguides in the tourist information centers of Forcalquier and Saint-Etienne-les-Orgues or on our Shop :

  • Mountain bike maps of the "Pays de Forcalquier-Montagne de Lure"
  • The "Alpes-Provence" and the "Transverdon": 560 km of mountain bike tracks
  • VTopo "Alpes de Haute-Provence": 111 mountain bike tracks



Some advice...

Saftey :
• Wear a helmet
• Take a look at weather forecasts before leaving on a trip
• In the summer, get some information about access restrictions to forests: info Alpes de Haute-Provence : +33 (0)8 92 68 02 04
• Do not overestimate your capacities, watch your speed and aim. In case of accident, contact 112.
• Avoid leaving alone and inform friends and family of your trip
• Do not forget to bring water, food, a map, first-aid kit, a phone...
• During hunting period, wear colorful clothes

Respect the environment:
• Do not litter in the nature, take back your trash with you
• Do not go outside marked itineraries in order to respect natural spaces
• Do not disturb fauna and fdo not cycle on wild flora

Be respectful of the other users:
• Be kind with walkers and horses, they are always prioritary, be careful when you meet one
• Do not enter private properties

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